Like most people who make resolutions, ours was to make better eating decisions (and cut our crazy sugar cravings). But we weren't quitters - we just worked around our restrictions. HA! Who knew dates taste like caramel? And that maple syrup could be an even better replacement for sugar than ever imagined!

NOUSH started as energy bites - made with organic and plant-based ingredients and always refined-sugar free. These healthy and nutrient dense energy bites quickly became a great hit amongst our community and gained much popularity. With time our passion for healthy and clean ingredient products grew! (And shameless excessive label/ingredient reading). After researching, sampling, and testing any and every organic wellness product on the market, we wanted to introduce our customers to our favourites and help them feel their best! What we love most is that they're all proudly Canadian brands, owned by women. WHO RUN THE WORLD?

Growing an online market has been a blessing, especially since our dreams of opening a cute local shop have been interrupted. We simply can not wait for you to find your favourites amongst this curated collection and start to nourish yourself, inside and out.


*Disclaimer*: All products you find on our website are ones we love and use on a daily! All listed products benefits should be for educational purposes only and do not diagnose, cure or treat any concerns/ issues. The use of these should not replace the services of a health professional.